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“In the very near future, analytics is not going to be a differentiator.
It’s going to be a requirement.”

Rob Schmidt
Chief data officer at Dell

Identify and quantify
the capability
of your organisation…


…find out where you are
and where you could be.






Know Your
Business Better


IDG Insight gives your organisation clarity and alignment.


It helps you to identify areas of strength and weakness within your business, align your people with your corporate strategy, and create a roadmap for every employee’s development.


We do this by providing the means to effectively survey your people and rigorously analyse the data. Our robust and secure online platforms adapt to regional requirements to collect information on thousands of employees across borders and functions.


But why does data matter? Scroll down to find out.

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Information has become the key commodity of the digital age.


Organisations now rely on technologies that enable data from every aspect of production to be collected, measured and analysed. Human capital is no exception, and competitive advantage can be gained by using Data Insight to identify areas of strength, opportunities for improvement, and ultimately ensure your people are aligned with your corporate strategy. Data Insight can help to plug capability gaps, cultivate and promote excellence, support development, and focus internal investment.


People have always been fundamental to delivering strategic goals.


In complex organisations the difficulty has come in identifying where this human capital is strongest, leveraging the key strengths, and then ensuring they are aligned to the corporate strategy.


Today, these capabilities can be measured as easily as the output of a production line, and once they have been, improvement programmes can be implemented to make the most of them.


So if the business need for collecting and analysing data is clear… where does one start? Scroll down to find out.


There are two main elements to Data Insight. We’ve added a third.

First of all there’s the means to collect the data, followed by the tools to analyse it. We also provide the knowledge, capability and professionalism to guide you through both to ensure the best possible outcome. And once you’ve got the insight, we can even recommend what you should do with it. 

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1. Collection

Our online Survey Platform provides an accessible, robust and above all flexible means of data collection. Designed in collaboration with large multi-national organisations, it has the capacity for tens of thousands of respondents and adapts to regional language, culture and governance. It provides our Clients with:

  • an understanding of capability & technical competency levels
  • comparative supplier performance data
  • starting points for coaching and development conversations
  • employee engagement surveys
  • “ethical” snapshots
  • individual 90°, 180°, 225°, 360°, 450° surveys and associated reports.
  • a single-login, one-stop dashboard that houses all of the participant’s surveys and reports,
  • ability to create any kind of survey required: unlimited questions, multiple types.

Security tested and approved to international banking standards, the Survey Platform is a highly effective means of measuring the capabilities of an individual, team, department, function or the entire organisation.

2. Analysis

Our Analytics Engine plugs directly into the survey data collected from your organisation. Allowing you to visualise and manipulate your data to provide you with insight relevant to you and your business. Whilst the engine carries out hugely complex statistical operations, the interface itself has been designed with an emphasis on usability: an in-depth knowledge of statistics is not required!

A survey by McKinsey & Co in 2013 found that the biggest issue senior executives have with using big data is that “their managers don’t understand or trust big data–based models and, consequently, don’t use them.” We ensure this doesn’t happen in two ways: 1) by working with you at the design stage to make sure that the information to be put in will equate to data you want to get out; and 2) by designing an interface that is accessible and understandable.

At its core, our Analytics Engine cuts aggregated data according to the different elements that were initially fed into it. This is powerful enough to paint a “where are we now?” picture. However, it’s real worth comes sharply into focus over time and multiple surveys after which it can begin to visualise trends and provide a roadmap for a more data-driven based strategy based on real KPIs that have direct influence on the organisation’s performance.

3. Management

We believe it is our built-in Project Management that is one of our main differentiators from our competitors. We recognise that for complex organisations there is no such thing as “one size fits all” and an “off the shelf solution” simply do not exist. That is why every one of our survey projects is a collaborative process, from initial consultation through:

  • onboarding,
  • project planning,
  • survey design,
  • user testing,
  • go live,
  • technical support,
  • progress reporting,
  • survey closure,
  • data collation and dissemination,
  • to the final analytical investigation and project closure.
  • Every step is carefully managed in harmony with the client to ensure it meets expectations and aligns with the overall strategy of the project and the organisation.

    Benefits for the Business

    Benefits for the Participant

    Industries surveyed 2016

    • Financial services 63%
    • Utilities 21%
    • Retail 12%
    • Sport 4%
    • Analyse data relevant to you and your business.
    • Identify capability gaps and sweet spots.
    • Benchmark across teams, departments, functions, regions or the entire organisation.
    • Clarity on where to target learning spend and focus
    • Quantify the success of development programmes.
    • Align human capital with business objectives.
    • Raw data for direct input into HR software.
    • Formalise and drive employee development.
    • Focus investment on activities with high quantifiable return and benefits.

    participants surveyed in 2016

    participants in biggest single survey project of 2016

    • A map to help drive personal development.
    • The capabilities required to exceed in their role.
    • Easily-digestible report detailing responses.
    • Hidden strengths and blindspots.
    • Highest and lowest scoring statements.
    • The key to greater engagement and focus.

    All the standard types of survey…
    plus some that haven’t been invented yet.

    Our platform has been developed and improved over the course of hundreds of projects in collaboration with our clients. We learned that whilst the most important thing was that it was robust enough to handle thousands of respondents, close behind that was the ability to adapt to the differing requirements of modern organisations.

    Consequently, our platform is flexible enough to create any type of survey you may need. One-way, one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many. Use it to drive a development conversation between a manager and their direct reports. Provide those same direct reports the opportunity to give feedback on their manager. Create a standard 360° multi-rater survey for an individual to get input from their managers, peers and direct reports. Send a simple engagement survey out to 100,000+ employees in eight different languages that respects local governance. Or any other variation in between.

    There is a similar level of flexibility with the various outputs that are available. From raw data that can be plugged into a HR system, to downloadable and interactive graphical reports; you have full control of who receives the outputs and when.

    See the table below for more examples of the different types of survey we have worked on, with high-level flow diagrams.

    e.g. Engagement Survey, Polls

    Capture one or many individual’s responses quickly and effectively. All results are fed into a report which is automatically generated and issued to whomever the Client wishes.


    e.g. Development Survey, 180° survey.

    The Participant nominates their Manager (can also be pre-nominated), and then both answer the survey with regard to the Participant. This is typically used for employee development or review. Very effective when used to facilitate a full development meeting.


    e.g. 360°, 450° survey.
    Used to collate many surveys about an individual. The Participant nominates their chosen nominees (can also be pre-nominated), and all parties complete the survey with regard to the Participant. A report is automatically generated and issued to whichever parties the Client wishes. This is typically used for multi-rated feedback, including development reviews.


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